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The digital advantage

Hello, we are Atlantis Creative. We assist organisations in digital transformation and give them an advantage with innovative solutions:

Customised websites

Want to get the most out of your website? Then opt for a customised solution. The website is completely tailored to your needs and those of your target group. Would you like to make a large volume of information available transparently, or would you like a connection to an external database, for example? Then you have come to the right place.

User-friendliness is paramount

Of course we listen to your wishes, but your customers are the most important, after all. They are key in our development of the website. A good design makes complexity invisible and provides the best user experience. We are bold enough to be critical of our own work and of your ideas, that is the only way we can achieve the best end result.

From idea to result

Every project starts with a stock-take and strategic session. You tell us about your ideas, we ask critical questions and offer advice. We set realistic goals and develop a good strategy based on these insights. During the ‘building’ process, we naturally check whether the strategy still supports the intended result. We utilise a methodology of phased delivery, so it is always possible to make adjustments during the process. We also monitor the performance of your website after it goes live and look at what can be improved.

Web applications and apps

Want to enable employees to work (together) more efficiently or improve the customer experience? Digital transformation is the ultimate way to take your organisation to the next level. With innovations such as online reservation platforms, customer centres, service tools, inspection modules and quote systems, for example.

The ultimate user experience

Digitisation is changing our behaviour and our needs. The bar is higher than ever when it comes to speed, convenience, transparency and effectiveness. Would you like to exceed the expectations of employees and consumers? Then make digital transformation part of your business strategy. We would be delighted to assist with a customised web application.

Better business performance

A web application is a solution for giving users more control and improving, simplifying and automating processes. The benefits are obvious: lower costs, increased turnover/or simply complying with regulations.

A good plan is half the battle won

You naturally want a web application that truly benefits the target group. We therefore develop a strategy based on your ideas, supplemented with our critical input and expertise. We ask questions about existing processes and look at how these can be standardised and improved.

The sky is the limit

We think in terms of possibilities and have a tailor-made solution for every challenge. Would you like to make information from other systems available in the application? Or have access to the platform via a mobile app? Then we can develop an app or link to an external database, the sky is the limit. If you require additional functionalities in future, that can easily be arranged. We always take scalability and potential expansion at a later date into account during ‘building’.

E-commerce platforms

Want to offer visitors an optimal shopping experience in your online shop? We would be delighted to assist. We always develop with the needs of the target group in mind and ensure we reach the target group effectively. A connection to an external system or real time stock information from a physical shop? No problem.

A well-considered strategy produces the best result

Every project starts with a strategic session in which we ask critical questions and set objectives. This input, our expertise, and research form the basis of a well-considered strategy. We use market and competitor analysis to identify opportunities and keyword analysis to assess the needs of your prospective customers. The structure of the online shop is then adapted accordingly for optimal findability and user experience. The result is an online shop that can outdo competitors online.

Customised solution

We are the ideal partner when it comes to complex issues such as offline-online integration. We can build connections to virtually any bookkeeping package or customer centre. Not only does that prevent duplication of data entry, it makes stock control far more convenient.

Online marketing

A good online marketing strategy helps distinguish you from your competitors and reach your target group. Put simply, the purpose of online marketing is to achieve greater visibility and to turn as many visits as possible into conversions. That is exactly what we are committed to every day. Our way of working has already produced many impressive results. We even delight clients with whom we have been working for 10 years with increased online growth every year.


Simply launching an online marketing campaign and seeing how it pans out is not how we work. We do not carry out assignments blindly, but consider the bigger picture. It is important to find answers to critical questions and set measurable goals first. With us, online success starts with a strategic session, whether it concerns increasing turnover or greater brand recognition. We decide what strategy we are going to execute for you together. We start small as a test and if good enough results are achieved, we scale up the campaign.

The advantage of online marketing is that everything is transparent and measurable. In addition to well-known programmes such as Google Analytics, we use specialist tools for the analysis of the target group, website, competitors and results. Decisions are not just cranked out, but based on data and analysis. We update you monthly with clear, transparent reporting. We also regularly discuss results face-to-face. Those are the benefits of an external marketing department that functions as an extension of your organisation: we are engaged, we immerse ourselves in your market and offer insights and experience that make a difference.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We have been using search engine optimisation to provide higher positions in Google for years. A strong content marketing  strategy is the basis, which we supplement with technical(code) optimisation of the website or online shop. Just like your target group, Google loves relevant information and well-written texts. And we have plenty of experience in that. The greatest advantage of SEO is that it produces long-term results. A good strategy therefore provides good returns.

Online advertising

Search engine advertising (SEA) and other forms of online advertising ensure better visibility immediately. For example, Google and Bing often display advertisements above unpaid search results. That makes it an efficient way of attracting visitors quickly.

Promoting products via Google shopping is advantageous for online shops. Advertisements are displayed to the target group when they want to buy, which has a beneficial effect on conversion rates. Want to reach people who are not actively looking for you? You can advertise on millions of websites and applications directly with Display advertising. It is often used to increase brand recognition or to reach previous website visitors. There is a good chance of conversion, because you are reaching relevant target groups. As a certified Google partner, we are involved in high-yield campaigns daily.

Social media advertising is also an effective way of actively targeting your entire target group. As it happens, the different platforms allow specific segmentation, which makes the message more personal.

Online advertising can be used in addition to an SEO campaign or can even be a good replacement.

What else we do

Tools such as social media marketing and email marketing can be used depending on your objectives. We listen carefully to what you want to achieve and we determine what is necessary to achieve that.

About us

Based in an office in the welcoming Witte de With neighbourhood in Rotterdam, we focus on what we are good at: assisting organisations in digital transformation and online growth.

What can you expect from us?


We translate your objectives into suitable digital solutions together. We do not complicate things if they can be kept simple. If conventional solutions do not offer what we are looking for, we achieve your online ambitions with customisation.

Personal engagement

Personal contact. Short lines of communication. Flexibility. Our methodology might sound like a cliché, but that does not make it any less true. Good results require engagement and close partnership. In addition, you can count on clear communications via direct lines of communication.

Cocky, but in a good way

We do not blindly do what you ask us to, we immerse ourselves in your ideas and give pushback where necessary. You can expect clear language and honest advice from us. We are cocky, but in a good way!


We regard you as a partner, because we can achieve the best results together. Connecting on a personal level, mutual trust and transparency are the most important ingredients for a long-term relationship. In addition, you can expect more from us than just carrying out your instructions. We offer critical input from the raw concept through to completion and beyond.

Want to know more or meet us?

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